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The State engineering centre has the status of the Federal centre for collective use (CCU) and is a structural subdivision of the Federal state educational institution of higher professional education "Moscow State Technological University "STANKIN".



The main goal of the CCU is to provide researchers, developers, technologists and teachers with a unique scientific and technological base in solving a wide range of scientific, technical and educational tasks carried out within the priority areas of the development of education, science, technology and equipment of the Russian Federation.


The main tasks of the CCU are:


  •  improving the level of fundamental and applied research and technological works in the field of priority areas of science, technology and equipment, as well as critical technologies of the Russian Federation;
  •  formation of a park of unique scientific and technological equipment and creation of conditions for its highly effective use;
  •  provision of services for a wide range of research and technological works in the interests of educational organizations, scientific institutions and enterprises of high-tech industries;
  • implementation and methodological support of advanced fundamental and applied research and technological works in cooperation with leading educational organizations, scientific institutions and enterprises of high-tech industries;
  •  training, retraining and advanced training of teaching, scientific and engineering personnel;
  •  provision of laboratory and experimental base for students of educational programs implemented in "MSTU "STANKIN" (bachelor’s program, specialist’s program, master’s program, additional education programs, training of scientific and educational research staff in postgraduate study).


The main scientific directions of the activity of the CCU are reflected in its structure, which is a complex of laboratories, including international ones:

1. Micro-processing technologies laboratory.

2. Technologies of plastic deformation of materials laboratory.

3. Material cutting technologies laboratory.

4. Manufacture and control of cutting tools technologies laboratory.

5. Hydroabrasive processing, design and testing of hydraulic and pneumatic systems and machines laboratory.

6. Coating and heat treatment technologies laboratory.

7. Automated and unmanned machining production technologies laboratory.

8. Design, testing and repair of machine tools technologies laboratory.

9. Additive technologies laboratory.

10. Concentrated energy flows treatment technologies laboratory.

11. Industrial robotics, mobile and special robotics, mechatronic modules and digital drives laboratory.

12. Rapid manufacturing of plastic parts technologies laboratory.

13. Electronic modules production technologies laboratory.

14. Metrological laboratory.

15. Research of material properties laboratory.

16. Manufacturing and testing of products from polymeric composite materials technologies laboratory.

17. Manufacturing, testing and repair of precision and high-speed mechanical components technologies laboratory.

18. Blank production technologies laboratory.

19. Multi-axis machining technologies laboratory.

The State engineering centre of MSTU "STANKIN" is supported and financed by the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Industry and trade of the Russian Federation within the framework of the program of support of pilot projects on development of engineering centers in Russia in pursuance of the assignment of the Government of the Russian Federation of May 23, 2013 № ДМ-П8-3464 in the framework of the implementation of the action plan ("road map") in the field of engineering and industrial design, approved by the order of the Government of the Russian Federation of June 23, 2013 № 1300-р.


In November 2014, the CUU on the basis of "MSTU" STANKIN "was among the winners of the competition for the event 3.1.2" of Federal target program “Research and development in priority areas of expanding of the scientific and technological complex Russia for 2014-2020” of the Ministry of education and science of Russia. In the coming years, the staff potential and the material and technical base of the CCU will be used to ensure the solution of the priority scientific task - Research and development of materials with fundamentally new properties based on atomic-molecular design (AMD) methods.