The young scientist of SEC of MSTU "STANKIN" took part in the 8th International exhibition of composite materials and related technologies COMPOTEC-2016, Carrara, Italy

COMPOTEC is one of the world's most important exhibitions, as well as the first exhibition in Italy devoted entirely to the composite materials industry. The purpose of this unique event is the unification of producers, research organizations and industrial enterprises of this sector. This year, the COMPOTEC exhibition is held jointly with the SEATEC exhibition, the main direction of which is the design and manufacture of boats, yachts and ships. COMPOTEC includes representatives of all industries in which the use of composites is actual: aerospace, aviation, automotive, medical, shipbuilding industries, etc. The exhibition allows uniting manufacturers and research organizations in a unique and professional environment. Representatives of 91 companies took part in the exhibition, which confirms the importance of COMPOTEC as a significant event for the whole industry. Participants of the exhibition presented modern composite materials, equipment for their production, various auxiliary raw materials, as well as engineering and research services in the design and calculation of composite products.

The main objective of the exhibition is to create a platform for the interaction of organizations whose activities are related to the production or use of products made of composite materials. MSTU "STANKIN" at the exhibition COMPOTEC was represented by the teacher of the department "Instrument technics and technology of formation ", an employee of SEC Pivkin Pyotr Mikhailovich. As a result of bilateral meetings between the representative of MSTU "STANKIN "and Italian partners discussed issues of joint cooperation with the following companies: EPI; NAVIONICS SPA; INDUSTRIA CHIMICA REGGIANA ICR SPA; ATM ADVANCED TOOLS AND MOULDS; MORELLI S.P.A. REFRIGERAZIONE E CONDIZIONAMENTO; TECHNOLEADER SRL; CENTROSTILEDESIGN SRL; SUPERFICI PROTOTYPING; ALMA-TEC SRL.