SEC of "MSTU "STANKIN" held a forum of young scientists and specialists in the framework of the exhibition "Metalloobrabotka-2019»

On May 28, 2019, at the Expocentre Fairgrounds within the framework of the exhibition "Metalloobrabotka-2019" was held the forum for postgraduates, young scientists of SEC of "MSTU "STANKIN" and students of specialty skills "Automation and information technologies", with the participation of invited experts-practitioners under the auspices of the Association "Digital innovations in mechanical engineering".

The forum was held this year for the first time, it was attended by the students who won the international conference "Automation and information technologies," held annually in MSTU "STANKIN", as well as graduate students and young scientists of SEC of "MSTU "STANKIN" RTU MIREA, MSTU of N. E. Bauman.

The purpose of the forum was to motivate students of educational institutions of higher education to do research work in the field of the digital transformation of strategic industries, to identify promising developments in the field of automation and information technology in the field of production. All participants were awarded memorable prizes by the organizers.

The main directions of the forum were:

1.      Equipment of machine-building industries;

2.      Instrumental support of machine-building productions;

3.      Engineering technology and life safety;

4.      Fundamental sciences in mechanical engineering;

5.      Economics & management;

6.      Quality management and technology management;

7.      Development of information systems in digital society;

8.      Information technologies and computer systems;

9.      Applied informatics and computer modelling;

10.    Automation and control of technological processes of machine-building productions;

11.    Robotics and mechatronics;

12.    Metrological Informatics.

The conference "Automation and information technologies" has been held at “MSTU “STANKIN” for more than 10 years and takes place in two stages: qualifying and university. This year, about four hundred reports in 12 sections were heard within the qualifying stage on the basis of the institutes of “MSTU “STANKIN”. The conference was attended by students from six countries, and the organizing committee included representatives of four states (Russia, England, Hungary, Poland).