Confirmation of industrial production in Russia

SEC of MSTU "STANKIN" took part in a round table to discuss the draft amendments to the Resolution of the Russian Government №719 "On confirmation of industrial production in the Russian Federation." The event was held in St. Petersburg.

The decision contains the requirements, the achievement of which gives the status of domestic goods produced in the territory of the Russian Federation.

In the analysis of the offers of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the preparation of comments was involved a large number of manufacturers, as well as specialized universities.

The round table has become a place of full-time discussion about the confirmation of industrial production in the Russian Federation from the point of view of development and support of the Russian machine-tool industry.

Despite the hot debate, the roundtable participants agreed to the draft proposed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade:

  • At the heart of the changes should be transparent procedure for the examination and the minimum terms of its implementation.
  • The proposed criteria for evaluation should be verified with the current state of the economy and industry of the Russian Federation.
  • It is necessary to individualize the approach to assessment for different types of productions, series and unique products.
  • And, most importantly, government support measures should help machine builders, and not become a barrier to market access for domestic enterprises.

The round table final editorial changes will be agreed with the participants of the meeting. Subsequently, it will be sent to the address of the Ministry of Industry of Russia.