Modeling of nonlinear processes and systems

We began preparations for the V International Conference "Modeling of nonlinear processes and systems", which will take place in MSTU "STANKIN"  on 23-27 June 2020.

Event organizer is MSTU "STANKIN" with the participation of "National Research Nuclear University", Sentro de Mathematica Aplicada Instituto Seperior Texnico, Lisbon (Portugal),  Institute of Cell Biophysics (Pushchino), FGI" Federal Research Center of the Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences "(IPM Keldysh RAS.), Institute of Mathematical Problems of Biology  (Pushchino), "Arctic Murmansk State University" and the Foundation The Arctic-SG (Union State of Russia-Belarus).

The conference is the twelfth in a series of multidisciplinary conferences on mathematical modeling of nonlinear processes that are carried out in 1995 in Dubna, Tver and Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow.

Since 2008, the main venue of the conference is to MSTU "STANKIN". The Conference is dedicated to a wide range of modern problems of mathematical modelling of nonlinear systems and processes in physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, materials, robotics, information and intellectual environments, including artificial intelligence, numerical methods and high-performance computing.

Plenary lectures will be represented by leading Russian and foreign scientists.Recall that the previous works of the IV International Conference "Modeling of Nonlinear Processes and Systems" was published in the 224 issue of the journal EPJ Web of Conferences, indexed Web of Science. See their link