Webinar on Industry 4.0 for universities in Uzbekistan

In Moscow State Technological University "STANKIN", despite the regime of self-isolation and the transition of most employees to remote work, educational and international activities do not stop.

In the framework of interaction with higher educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan and on the initiative of the Bukhara Institute of engineering and technology, the head of the Unified Dean's office of MSTU STANKIN Ramil Nezhmetdinov held a webinar lecture on "Industry 4.0: Transition to a digital enterprise". In addition to the faculty and students of MSTU "STANKIN" and the Bukhara Institute of engineering and technology, representatives of the following universities of Uzbekistan took part in the lecture: Tashkent state technical University named after Islam Karimov, Karshi engineering and economic Institute, Novoinsky mining and metallurgical Institute. More than 100 access points joined the webinar, and Uzbekistan's participating universities organized group access for employees to the lecture in compliance with all sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

The webinar addressed issues related to the development of the concept of Industry 4.0, aspects of digitalization of industrial enterprises. Taking into account the impact of the pandemic and the introduction of self-isolation, special attention was paid to the "Internet of things" technology, which is critical for the development of all spheres of human life.

MSTU "STANKIN" plans to continue the practice of international interaction with the use of remote technologies and develop it not only in education but also in scientific activities.