MSTU "STANKIN" developed a multifunctional unit for serial production

In the framework of cooperation between MSTU "STANKIN" and the "SASTA" machine tool plant, an innovative project was successfully implemented to develop documentation for the modernization of a multifunctional machine tool assembly used to equip export versions of lathes for the oil and gas industry.

The rector of MSTU "STANKIN" Elena Kataeva noted the importance of this work as an example of building effective interaction with the industry. “By implementing such projects, we are taking concrete steps to revive and develop the domestic machine tool industry. Working with a live, real request for the result of OCD from a manufacturer of modern machine tools is the best confirmation of the demand for university competencies in the professional community. It is excellent that the unit developed by us will be used on equipment that is successfully sold for export,” said Elena Kataeva.