"STANKIN" revives cooperation with the countries of the African Union

On September 10, the Academic Council Hall of the Russian State University for the Humanities hosted a meeting of member universities of the Moscow scientific and educational consortium in the field of priority areas of scientific and technological development in Russia.

A meeting was held with the support of Department for international cooperation Ministry of education and science and representatives of industry and trade, the working group on cooperation in the mineral sector of the intergovernmental Russian-Ugandan Commission, the project "Russian scientific and educational initiative for Africa". Participants of the meeting gathered to discuss and decide on participation in a comprehensive project for the development of the Russian scientific and educational initiative for Africa.

Welcoming the participants, Elena Kataeva, rector of STANKIN, Chairman of the Moscow scientific and educational consortium, noted: "Starting the stage of forming the main priority directions for the development of international cooperation in the field of education, science and technology, it is the coordinated actions of the consortium's universities that will help identify promising markets for technologies and areas of educational activity in African markets, and restore the largely lost positions of Russian science, culture and education experts on the continent."

Within the framework of the project, Russia will support the development of the countries of the region by applying Russian scientific, technical and innovative developments, educational programs and projects applied to the needs of key sectors of the national economies of African States, implemented in these sectors with the participation of Russian companies.

Russia returns to Africa! This was confirmed by the Russia-Africa summit held in Sochi last autumn, which was attended by representatives of 54 of the 55 countries of the African continent, including heads of state from 42 countries. At the summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized that Russia's strategic goal is to revive cooperation with the countries of the African Union.

STANKIN clearly sees its significant role in this process. today, students from 24 African countries study at the university, many of them have already graduated and gone home, taking up positions in leading positions in many government and commercial organizations in their countries. We are preparing highly-sought-after personnel and we have something to offer Africa," said Elena Georgievna.

As a result of the meeting, the participants confirmed their readiness to fully contribute to solving problems in promoting the Russian scientific and educational initiative for African countries and confirmed their intentions to actively participate in the consortium's activities in this area.