MSTU "STANKIN" handed over to the Syrian University of al-Ba'ath installations to fight COVID-19

During her visit to Syria, STANKIN’s rector Elena Katayeva visited al-Ba'ath University in Homs and the Russian-Syrian scientific and educational centre "STANKIN-al-Ba'ath".


The Russian delegation's participation in the International conference on the return of refugees and the reconstruction of Syria continued with a visit to Homs. The Syrian city welcomed guests from Russia with warm rays of the sun and a clear blue sky. The visit to al-Ba'ath University for STANKIN 's leadership is not the first one. Since 2018, the Syrian University has been a partner of our University, and the Russian-Syrian educational centre "STANKIN – al- Ba'ath " has been created on its basis to train advanced training of faculty and engineering personnel for the Syrian economy.

President of al-Ba'ath University Abdul Basit al-Khatib discussed with Elena Katayeva issues of further development of cooperation and stressed the need for continuous development of universities in the face of modern challenges related to the consequences of the war, the transformation of the technological order and the need for closer integration of Russian-Syrian industry.

"We always strive to improve the skills of teachers and provide educational materials and training programs that contribute to the development of the educational process and research»,- said the President of al-Ba'ath University.

Dr. al-Khatib emphasized the cooperation with MSTU STANKIN, noting the work of The Russian - Syrian scientific and educational centre "STANKIN-al- Ba'ath”.

Our rector thanked the leadership of one of the best Syrian universities for a warm welcome. Elena Kataeva stressed that STANKIN is the first state University in Russia to develop cooperation between the two countries both in the field of nanotechnology and production of nanomaterials and in enhancing the role of the Russian-Syrian scientific and educational centre in increasing the exchange of students and teachers. Now 24 Syrian students are studying at our University, including 8 of them are assistant teachers in the departments of STANKIN.

The heads of two leading universities in Russia and Syria agreed to further develop cooperation on additive and nano-technologies, as well as to expand the training of students and teachers.

The business meeting with the Syrian partners ended with the presentation of memorable gifts. On behalf of STANKIN, Elena Katayeva handed over 60 textbooks for teaching the Russian language and 20 antiviral recirculators that were developed and manufactured by the University's engineers to al-Ba'ath University. It is noteworthy that each product was marked with the inscription in Arabic "together we defeated terrorism-together we will defeat Covid".

In turn, our Syrian colleagues have prepared a concert program with the participation of students, especially for the Russian delegation.