Robotic surgical complex developed

The robotic surgical complex for dentistry and maxillofacial surgery is the result of a joint decision of MSTU "STANKIN" and specialists from the Moscow State Medical and Dental University named after M.V. A.I. Evdokimova.


STANKIN's scientific schools of robotics under the guidance of professor Yu.V. Poduraev and maxillofacial surgery of the University of Medicine and Dentistry under the guidance of professor E.A. Bazikyan showed a high level of the technological solution of one of the high-precision operations, which helps to perform robotic manipulations and conduct high-quality surgical incisions of the gums.

“The developers set themselves the task of drastically reducing the invasiveness and trauma of dental operations through the use of collaborative robotics and digital information technologies. Under the control of a digital model, the robot uses a laser to perform precise manipulations of soft and hard tissues with high precision and optimal speed several times higher according to the plan and under the supervision of a doctor, ”commented Yuri Poduraev, Doctor of Technical Sciences. Professor, Head of the Department of Robotics and Mechatronics, MSTU "STANKIN".

The development of a robotic surgical complex took two years. The result of the joint work of the two scientific schools was the obtained advantages of the robotic system of cholangioplasty in comparison with manual operations:

Medical laser speed control;
Execution of particularly precise movements of the laser relative to the gums;
Intelligent programming of the trajectory of the robot, which frees the doctor from the need to solve problems of calculation and programming;
Individual programming of movements of a medical instrument for each patient based on a 3D graphic model.
The robotic surgical complex is intended for the treatment of complex diseases of the head and neck organs. The surgical "arm" of the robot is applicable in oncological pathology, as a simulator for teaching dentists, as well as in educational disciplines for engineers and IT specialists working in the field of high-tech medicine. And most importantly, the project has received interest from potential investors and is already at the stage of commercial implementation.