Antiviral cloud of antiseptic: a new means of stopping the spread of Covid-19 in MSTU STANKIN

MSTU "STANKIN" continues to strengthen preventive measures to counter the spread of coronavirus infection. In the educational and administrative buildings of the university, 5 disinfecting racks are installed for disinfecting clothing and skin.

Each university employee at the entrance to the educational and administrative building can already try their effect on himself, before going to his workplace.

How to use a new device? It is necessary to approach the installation with your face and bring your right hand to the sensor motion sensor - a lit blue indicator to start its operation and at the same time treat your hands with pest control. And then the smart stand will do everything by itself - you just need to scroll around itself 360 degrees while the dry mist from antiseptic solutions disinfects your entire body. After just one minute, the germs on clothes and skin are already neutralized!

This method of disinfection prevents viruses and bacteria from entering the room: they are strictly prohibited from entering. The system is safe for the skin and does not leave marks on clothes.

STANKIN's management takes care of the health of university employees. Installing new protective equipment is another preventive measure to prevent the occurrence of Covid-19.

Take care of yourself and of the health of others!