STANKIN is a federal innovation platform!

By order No. 1580 of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of December 25, 2020, MSTU "STANKIN" was included in the list of organizations that were assigned the status of a federal innovation platform with the project "Engineering teams of breakthrough: productivity, diversification, technological leadership and entrepreneurship".

The purpose of the innovative educational project: creation on the basis of the MSTU "STANKIN" an innovative educational project for the training of breakthrough engineering teams, which will provide the training of highly qualified personnel for the digital economy at 6 levels: schoolchildren of grades 6-11, 1-2 year bachelor, 3-4 year bachelor, master's degree, postgraduate study, additional professional education.

Breakthrough engineering teams will be able to increase labor productivity in practice, model the effective development of a cyber-physical system at all stages of the life cycle, organize and develop technology startups based on innovative ideas.

The objectives of the innovative educational project are:

developing a model of continuing education in the field of training breakthrough engineering teams;

creation of a regulatory and educational-methodical base for the implementation of the developed model;

development and implementation of educational programs of different levels of training of highly qualified engineering teams of breakthrough;

creation of infrastructural elements for the implementation of the developed model.

We are starting to implement the project with the new status of STANKIN - a federal innovation platform!