MSTU "STANKIN" expands the horizons of cooperation with educational organizations in China

In the form of an online conference, a preparatory meeting on cooperation between MSTU "STANKIN" and the Chongqing Engineering Vocational Technical College of China was held with the assistance of the Beijing Information Technology Corporation HUATEC. The event was dedicated to the discussion of the joint development of international academic mobility, which involves additional training of Chinese students in MSTU "STANKIN".

The first meeting was attended by the Chinese leadership of Chongqing College, as well as representatives of STANKIN: Acting Vice-Rector for International and Expert-analytical activities Andrey Kutin, Director of the Center for International Cooperation Nadezhda Popova and Director of the Directorate for Organizational Support of Educational Activities Maria Bilchuk.

The Engineering Vocational College in Chongqing, which is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, is among the top 100 national institutions of higher professional education in China. It trains more than 17 thousand full-time students and about 60 foreigners/

Chongqing College trains specialists in more than 50 specialties in the field of electronic information, equipment manufacturing, transport, civil engineering, finance, trade, tourism, environmental safety, culture, art, biochemistry, medicine, etc.

With the help of the Electronic educational environment of the university and with the participation of the teaching staff of STANKIN in the course of training, they will acquire the necessary professional competencies in one of the three selected areas: "Mechatronics", "Industrial Work"and " Software Technologies".

Upon completion of the full course of study, graduates will receive a Diploma of a participant in the international academic mobility program of MSTU "STANKIN" and will be able to continue their education in Russia in the specialized bachelor's degree programs.

The President of the Chinese College, Dr. Zhang Jin, noted that the three-way partnership with Stankin and HUATEC Corporation is a new model of international cooperation in the management of educational institutions. He also expressed readiness to increase the scale of cooperation in the implementation of modern educational technologies and training of personnel for high-tech sectors of the economy.

The parties expressed their mutual desire to exchange business visits in the near future.