Yegoryevsky Technological Institute of MSTU "STANKIN" celebrates 112th birthday

Today, the Yegoryevsky branch of MSTU "STANKIN" celebrates 112 years since its foundation. The Technological Institute in the Moscow region of Yegoryevsk successfully combines science, education and industry in its region.The Yegoryevsky Technological Institute (branch) of the Moscow State Technical University "STANKIN" is organized on the basis of one of the oldest educational institutions in Russia – the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering School, founded in 1909.

Thanks to the architect Ivan Baryutin, new academic buildings in the style of English Victorian Gothic were erected on the banks of the Guslitsa River. During the construction, advanced technical solutions were used for that time: a roof on floating supports and calorific heating. At the same time, houses for teachers and a dormitory for students were built.

The Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Russian Empire, Pyotr Stolypin, telegraphed: "I wish prosperity to a new useful point of enlightenment, and to local figures – cheerfulness and energy for the benefit of our beloved Russia."

A correspondent of the "Bulletin of the Manufacturing Industry", who visited Yegoryevsk in 1911, wrote about the school of Tsarevich Alexei: "First of all, it impresses us with its external splendour and vastness. The interior furnishings and equipment are something quite unusual. Here you will not find any machine tools or machines that go back to the past. Everything is new here – the latest technology and science."

In 1923, the school was transformed into a Machine-tool Technical School "Komsomolets", thanks to which a powerful technical base of factories and enterprises was created in Yegoryevsk.

"For the second century, the Yegoryevsky Institute of Technology has been conducting advanced developments in priority areas of domestic science and technology, training qualified specialists not only for the machine-building industry but also for research institutes and high-tech industries in the country. On behalf of the entire staff of MSTU "STANKIN", I congratulate my colleagues on the day of the foundation of the institute! We have even more joint projects and new conquered peaks in the field of Russian education ahead of us! " - said Alexey Kapitanov, Acting Rector of STANKIN.