Young scientists of the leading scientific school of MSTU "STANKIN"

The team of the leading scientific school "Highly efficient materials processing technologies" brought up a whole constellation of young scientists who are today's personnel reserve of MSTU "STANKIN" and shape the future of the university. The school can be called without exaggeration a forge of scientific and pedagogical personnel for domestic mechanical engineering and metalworking. Over the eighty-year history of its existence, more than 90 candidates and 22 doctors of sciences have been trained within its walls. Under the leadership of the Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation Sergey Nikolaevich Grigoriev, the developments of the scientific school reached a new level and were widely used in Russian industry. Today, the breakthrough research and development of the scientific school unites the spark plasma sintering laboratory (a world-class laboratory), the department of high-performance processing technologies and other leading centers of the university.

    “The strategic task of our scientific school is to promote the formation of a personnel reserve of Russian science, to unite and direct the scientific and creative forces of young people, to popularize research work in the field of materials science of high-tech industries, as well as new technologies for designing materials with desired properties for the needs of mechanical engineering and medicine,” said head of the scientific school, head of the laboratory of spark plasma sintering and head of the department of high-performance processing technologies of MSTU "STANKIN" S.N. Grigoriev.

Every year, with the support of the Russian Science Foundation, the School of Young Scientists is held on the basis of the spark plasma sintering laboratory as part of the implementation of the event "Research by world-class scientific laboratories in the framework of the implementation of the priorities of scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation" of the Presidential Program of Research Projects conducted by leading scientists, including young ones.

To gain new knowledge and invaluable experience, students, graduate students and young scientists of our university participate in the work of the School. Lectures for listeners are given by world-class authoritative scientists from STANKIN and the largest scientific and educational centers of Russia. School participants determine the most relevant areas of research, get the opportunity to express themselves and communicate directly with the scientific community - ask questions, exchange opinions, listen to expert assessments and recommendations.

In order to regularly exchange views, scientific and technical communication of leading and young scientists, authoritative specialists, as well as teachers and creative youth, on the basis of the laboratory of spark plasma sintering with the participation of leading departments and centers of the university, another important event will start in 2022 - a cycle of scientific seminars "Highly efficient developments in the interests of mechanical engineering and medicine". The main report will be presented by an authoritative scientist, and young researchers will be co-speakers. Any participant will be able to express their opinion or proposal - together with senior colleagues, young scientists will determine new areas and facets of research that are priorities for the university and science in general. A promising field of research for young scientists at STANKIN, which will be the focus of the first seminar, is the development of innovative materials and medical products.

“Technicians know “metal”, and doctors know the human body. Therefore, the developers of STANKIN are at the junction of the requests of the manufacturer and the consumer. These topical studies give rise to the formation of a new type of engineer, who will have not only technical, but also, in this case, medical competencies,” says the scientific secretary of the seminars, senior researcher at MSTU “STANKIN” Ekaterina Sotova.

The School of Young Scientists and the cycle of scientific seminars "Highly efficient developments in the interests of mechanical engineering and medicine" are primarily aimed at young scientists and students of MSTU "STANKIN" who see their future connected with science, who are interested in advanced scientific research, who would like to participate in creation and practical application of breakthrough developments at the intersection of materials science, mechanical engineering and medicine.

The leading scientific school "Highly Efficient Materials Processing Technologies" is currently implementing a whole range of strategic measures aimed at supporting young scientists, developing the university and solving a key task - the formation of human resources. The continuity of research forms the continuity of generations.