MSTU "STANKIN" developed a multifunctional unit for serial production


In the framework of cooperation between MSTU "STANKIN" and the "SASTA" machine tool plant, an innovative project was successfully implemented to develop documentation for the modernization of a multifunctional machine tool assembly used to equip export versions of lathes for the oil and gas industry.

MSTU "STANKIN" rapidly rose in the ranking of the best universities in Russia RAEX-100


On June 16, 2020, the rating agency RAEX (RAEX ​​- Analytics) published the rating of the best Russian universities RAEX-100.

MSTU "STANKIN" strengthened its position by 6 points, moving to 55th place in the ranking of the best universities in Russia.

Dmitry Grishankov, general director of the RAEX rating agency (RAEKS-Analytics) pointed out that the availability of powerful Internet resources and technologies is becoming an integral element of the “gentleman's recruitment” that every university that claims to be globally competitive.

Interregional online conference of rectors of universities in Russia and Uzbekistan


The event took place on 27th May 2020. Conference organizers: Russian Union of Rectors, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Republican Council of higher education (Uzbekistan), Ministry of higher and secondary special education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Webinar on Industry 4.0 for universities in Uzbekistan


In Moscow State Technological University "STANKIN", despite the regime of self-isolation and the transition of most employees to remote work, educational and international activities do not stop.

Welcome day online with demonstration of SEC laboratories


MSTU "STANKIN" held a Welcome day online. The online format of the event helped applicants, including nonresident ones, to get acquainted with all areas of University preparation and learn the specifics of entering the University this year.

The teenagers were told in detail about the specialities, admission conditions, the number of budget places and additional opportunities provided by MSTU "STANKIN".

MSTU "STANKIN" held an online meeting with the representative office of government of the Kaliningrad region


MSTU "STANKIN" held an online working meeting with Denis Saliy, head of the state institution "Representative office of the government of the Kaliningrad region under the Government of the Russian Federation". The University was presented by the vice-rector for educational activities Yulia Eleneva and the head of the Department of admission, practice and employment Anton Sidorov.

Students of MSTU "STANKIN" developed a mobile air decontaminator


Students of MSTU "STANKIN" created a mobile device for antibacterial treatment of indoor air. It will become part of the University's engineering systems.

Modeling of nonlinear processes and systems


We began preparations for the V International Conference "Modeling of nonlinear processes and systems", which will take place in MSTU "STANKIN"  on 23-27 June 2020.

MSTU "STANKIN" laid the foundation for scientific and educational cooperation with the UAE


From 18 to 19 February Shardzha, UAE hosted the third meeting of the Working Group for Industry, Investment and Innovation of the Intergovernmental Russian-Emirate Commission for Trade, Economic and Technical Cooperation, chaired by the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade and Deputy A.V.Gruzdev and Minister of energy and industry of the United Arab Emirates Mohammed Al-Niyyadi.