STANKIN is a federal innovation platform!


By order No. 1580 of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of December 25, 2020, MSTU "STANKIN" was included in the list of organizations that were assigned the status of a federal innovation platform with the project "Engineering teams of breakthrough: productivity, diversification, technological leadership and entrepreneurship".

The university suffered an irreparable loss!


On January 10, the rector of MSTU "STANKIN" Elena Georgievna Kataeva passed away from the consequences of coronavirus infection.

Antiviral cloud of antiseptic: a new means of stopping the spread of Covid-19 in MSTU STANKIN


MSTU "STANKIN" continues to strengthen preventive measures to counter the spread of coronavirus infection. In the educational and administrative buildings of the university, 5 disinfecting racks are installed for disinfecting clothing and skin.

Each university employee at the entrance to the educational and administrative building can already try their effect on himself, before going to his workplace.

Robotic surgical complex developed


The robotic surgical complex for dentistry and maxillofacial surgery is the result of a joint decision of MSTU "STANKIN" and specialists from the Moscow State Medical and Dental University named after M.V. A.I. Evdokimova.


MSTU "STANKIN" handed over to the Syrian University of al-Ba'ath installations to fight COVID-19


During her visit to Syria, STANKIN’s rector Elena Katayeva visited al-Ba'ath University in Homs and the Russian-Syrian scientific and educational centre "STANKIN-al-Ba'ath".


STANKIN at the International conference on refugee return and reconstruction of Syria


Elena Kataeva, the rector of STANKIN, took part in the Russian delegation and spoke at the Round table "Interaction between scientific and educational organizations".

"STANKIN" revives cooperation with the countries of the African Union


On September 10, the Academic Council Hall of the Russian State University for the Humanities hosted a meeting of member universities of the Moscow scientific and educational consortium in the field of priority areas of scientific and technological development in Russia.

STANKIN's development protects against COVID-19


The Eurasian Economic Union issued a Declaration of compliance of the "mobile air purification complex with non-commercial bactericidal ultraviolet lamps" to MSTU STANKIN, confirming its compliance with the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union "on the safety of low-voltage equipment" and "electromagnetic compatibility of technical means".

MSTU "STANKIN" and ETH Zürich continue to develop cooperation


MSTU "STANKIN" and the Swiss Higher Technical School of Zurich (ETH Zürich) continue to develop cooperation in the field of scientific and educational programs, as well as in the field of high technology machine tool construction.

Sergei Egorov, a graduate and employee of MSTU "Stankin", began to study and work at ETH Zurich.